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Office Professional Plus Error During Installation Setup – Microsoft Community – Question Info

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Microsoft office professional plus preview encountered error – Microsoft Community


Has anyone had the issue of trying to install Office RTM and getting a very generic error of: Microsoft Office Professional Plus has encontered an error during setup.

Then you get: Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working. Ideas please? I’ve tried to install it in various ways and get the same issue – Installing Pro Plus 64 Bit version. An update – I’ve created a new administrator account and tried installing an am getting same error. This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions.

Based on my research, some other people meet this issue when install Office Professional Plus while Office installed already. Try to uninstall Office then to install Office Professional Plus to check the issue. A beautiful Start. It begins here. Windows 8 and Windows RT. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. I am having the same issue. I uninstalled Office before starting as it was required. My install was taking several hours and I thought it was hung, cancelled the install, got impatient since this also seemed to be hung and rebooted.

Now I am unable to uninstall it and when I try to install it, I am getting the bootstrapper error. Then try to reinstall Office RTM again to check if it can be installed successfully. Office will not let you install with Office 32 bit, so you must remove it. However something probably does not uninstall correctly.

It allowed me to cancel, but the cancel then hung. After a reboot and several other attempts to install, I then tried the manual uninstall found elsewhere of what parts of Office had installed in order to get back to Office I then gave one more install attempt and now I get the bootstrapper error documented above. The installer is pretty much in a hosed state, but no attempt to fix the installer including a re-update to Windows 8 helps.

Other installers don’t seem to have a problem because I was able to re-run Visual Studio Premium installer with no problem. My only option now is to find an old copy of Office and attempt to go back, because I can’t go forward. Immediately after posting, it occurred to me that perhaps the manual uninstall was not documented completely, so I checked the Programs and Features and sure enough Office was in the list.

When I clicked on it to “Repair” it, it said it was not installed, would I like to remove it from the list. Instead I then clicked the Uninstall and it removed it from the list. That got rid of the bootstrapper error message and the installation for Office 64 bit went ahead and it is now installed.

Hi Jaynet,. I have observed this issue only with 64 bit version, I am able to install 32 bit version without any problem. I tried multiple times with latest bits from MSDN, but still application is failing to install. Since many users are facing this issue, I think someone at Microsoft needs to check those 64 bit binaries. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Also seeing the same issue with the 64 bit installer. Install puts some, essentially non-helpful messages in the admin logs, but otherwise it’s not something I plan to spend a lot of time investigating.

Just tried the 32 bit version – same result. Same error, also this was in the event log. So far, the Office Preview worked better. Would you be available to work with us regarding this issue? If so, please send me a message via doakm at live dot com. I have observed that issue is occurring only if you have installed earlier version of Office. With new OS base issue is not reproducible. I’m sorry to see you are having trouble installing Office We are looking into this issue.

If you are having this problem, and you haven’t already provided it, can you verify the OS and whether or not you are installing 32bit or 64bit Office? Also we are curious what type of video card you are using.

Finally MS is looking into this issue. Yes, I tried with 64 bit Office with 64 OS. If its display card issue then how same bits are working with new OS? I apologize for the delay. We have been working on this issue but do not have a great workaround currently. Thanks for the update.

But my issue has been resolved after re-formatting with Windows 8 and installing only 64 bit version of I’m experiencing the same problem as others have noted here and on other forums: I cannot install Office Professional Plus 64 bit on Windows 8 OS 64 bit. The machine came with trial version of Office which I uninstalled, via Control Panel, before attempting to install the new Office. Office icons initially showed up on the desktop; however, they were inoperative.

Nothing showed up in Programs list, so I could not automatically uninstall. After reboot, the Office icons disappeared. I deleted Office 15 files and any other files I could find associated with Office, including the registry keys. Did this several times. Ran install as administrator, with all security software disabled. Error Message every time: “Microsoft Office Professional Plus encountered an error during setup.

That’s it. Highly frustrating. I am also having this problem. I am on win 7 x64 spanish, office small business already installed. I tried uninstalling , both from the control panel and with the fixit, rebooting, trying both 64 bit and 32 bit and it’s always the same error.

This is a lenovo a17 m72e i3 with 4gb ram, default integrated intel hd video card. While we do have win8 licenses available around work, i am not resorting to format and install it unless it’s the only thing remaining to do. I am choosing these components at install: word, powerpoint, excel, access, outlook, lync Basically everything but onenote, infopath and skydrive. The install starts, but about half way done i get the exact message everyone is posting. I have kaspersky endpoint security 8.

Haven’t tried disabling it. Testing the install takes time, because i have to manually uninstall office and reboot before testing, because in my experience upgrading office is troublesome, and to install the 64 bit version the installer tells me to uninstall everything. I am having same issues, I see this post is several months old, did you ever resolve your issue? I thought it was maybe just my computer because I am always testing something So I tried on 3 others and only 1 ran which was a tablet.

After that I even re-downloaded from license just in case but did the same thing. I have uninstalled office , and it still does same thing. It shouldn’t be this difficult to install office. I only have more to go and it just isnt going to happen. Since it’s a fresh install, I don’t have anything installed like previous office version etc so I have no idea how can I solve it I can’t even thing “I format and reinstall everything” because it’s what I just did!

I found my problem. Moving the TEMP folder in a plain location fixed the error. I’ve got the same situation: Fresh install of Windows 8. The same issue persisted on my former installation Windows 7 where a copy non-beta of office was installed before. Weird and very annoying.

The EFS isn’t something you found automatically in your fresh installation I actually set the TEMP folder as encrypted just after the windows installation, before installing office. I assume you didn’t it. While my installation of windows was fresh, I ran the Fixit program anyway.

Afterwards, office click-to-run installed bits, english as it was supposed to. A minor clitch was that it deleted all my taskbar icons on windows 8. I’m convinced something is wrong with the installation or possibly windows 8. So my issue is solved. Another thing to know is Office will not install on Windows 8. Versions prior to


I can’t install office error :Setup can’t find or – Microsoft Community.


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